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If you can speak multiple languages, you can make good money by translating to others online. However, several brand name companies, and language institutes are offering free translations services as a gesture of good customer service, hence enticing their old and new customers to keep coming back. However, language translation does not requires much expertise as needed in other online teaching. Free language translation are often offered as a free package to promote the companies, or individual’s main business line. If you are fluent in the language, then you are ready to go. If you are searching for free language translation, welcome on board. Don’t waste your money on language translations, you can get them for free. But only if you know how. As a free stuff fan, we have assembled most of the freebie sites in one place for your easy browsing. Simply search through the pages, agree with all the rules and regulations, and you can get free translations. However, if you are looking for professional translations, you have to pay.