Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Still single and alone? Online dating has no age barriers or limit. If you are a grand pa or ma, divorcee, widowed, single or separated, there is someone (a potential lover) waiting to meet you online. What are you waiting for, the doors are wide open to go out and meet some one new and start a new life. If you are not comfortable with the good old system, use the online dating style that has taken the world by storm. The arrival of internet and modern technology have changed our everyday life, and modernized social interactions such as online dating. The trend of online dating be it on free online dating sites or interracial dating sites has changed the perception of love and relationship in particular and the institution of marriage in general. Now you can just join an online dating site, browse the profiles, and find true love. Something not possible few years ago.

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Comparing online dating to conventional way of dating has been a contemporary subject of discussion everywhere but yet some still refuse to admit that online dating is the ultimate and best way of finding and meeting new friends, potential lovers, mates, and even spouse. However, survey proved that even those online dating critics still log on and secretly searching online dating sites looking for casual friendship or long lasting relationship in most cases. Back in the old days before the arrival of computer and new online dating trends, most men and women remained single only hoping on luck to meet Mr right or girl of their dream which seldom never happen, or maybe on few events. However, not that they chose to be single, it’s simply because they cannot find or probably too shy to talk with someone on the street, at social events, going to dance in the night clubs or start talking with a complete stranger while on a travel vacation trip. Besides the good old pen pal system, there was no convenient place for singles to meet and interact before the arrival of internet and online dating that comes with it. Every good thing has it’s bad side. Online dating has helped millions of singles find love, and has also caused havoc and disappoints to many others. Here are some pros and cons of online dating that should be considered before venturing out to meet a stranger you met online.

Pros Of Online Dating

1. With online dating websites, the likelihood of meeting a perfect match is really high as you opt for a dating website for finding a date and has too many options to choose from unlike in a conventional way which is a trial luck with only one or two options.

2. Online personals dating is the right meeting place for singles that are too busy with their profession, divorcees, widows and shy people of all ages.

3. People who thought their live is over due to some reasons or circumstances can easily sign up with online dating sites and find someone looking for the same.

4. When you meet a person in a night club, street, or parties, you hardly know any details about the person only the physical appearance. But in online dating you do not see the physical appearance only pictures but you have the benefit of looking over as many pictures and profiles as you can to find the person with specific structures, qualities or figures you want.

5. Though you don’t get to see the person face to face right away, but you get some vital details of the person including the photos. You can only move ahead if you like what you saw. If you didn’t, you have number of other chances and you can move on to other profiles. While in conventional good old ways, if the person says no right away or married, engaged as in many cases when you meet a stranger, there is no option than to quietly vanish from the place and wait for another opportunity.

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6. Though online dating has just been adopted but if one compares the rate of divorce with conventional way within the same period, its obviously clear that people hardly divorce if their online dating finally led to married. Though not all online dating ends in marriage as some bad guys with evil intent poses as potential lovers only to end up been what they are not.

7. The contemporary issue of marry today divorce tomorrow has been attributed to not having many options to choose from at the time of courtship, and not knowing much about each other before getting married. Many conventional couples are been introduced by other family members, meet at parties, church, work place, on the street, etc, as in many cases they do not interact much due to hectic schedules, positions, age, culture etc. They just fix marriage after few meeting only to find out shortly that they are not compatible in many ways, hence domestic fighting starts almost immediately after.

8. In online dating, You can only move ahead if you like the profile and photos of the person. If you didn’t like, nothing to lose, you have other options and you can move on to other profiles. The process continues until you find the person and the personality you like.

9. All you need is to just sign up with a free dating website and search for a potential partner who has all the qualities your looking for in a relationship. Most online dating fail simply because some people pretend to be what they are not, only to be disappointed when they finally meet face to face with the potential lover.


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Cons Of Online Dating

1. Not all online dating ends in marriage as some bad guys with evil intents poses as potential lovers only to end up been what they are not.

2. Most online dating fail simply because some people pretend to be an angel, only to disappoint their partner when they finally meet face to face. Hence everything ends soon as it started.

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3. Some evil intent bad guys are using the online dating sites to solicit for financial help by pretending to be Cancer patients or survivors or bedridden. Bottom line is – don’t send money to anyone asking you for financial help.

The increasing number of success stories from people who have dated online and got married explains the advantages of this wonderful medium.

The increasing popularity of online dating has even driven many people to traveling to different countries of the world to meet their potential lovers personally after knowing everything about each other online and decided to meet.

Online dating has also bridged the racial gap. Interracial relationship and marriage is one of the commonly read success stories in every online dating site.The trend of online dating has changed everything about love and relationship in particular and institution of marriage in general.

The trend continues as more young people are now embracing online dating as the best place to meet a potential lover and life partner.

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However, if your single and still contemplating, or wanted to start all over again, it’s not too late, wake up, online dating is real and its working for people of all ages. The contemporary good old ways seems to be fading away as people now prefer online dating.

Do not wait any longer, grab your computer and start searching profiles, the love of your life could be just few clicks away. If you love online dating or one of those enthusiast, there are still many more merits and demerits of dating online. Share your ideas to the world so that millions of people out there who are still contemplating will gain more insight to try it.