Merits And Demerits Of Online Shopping

Merits And Demerits Of Online Shopping

Online shopping made easy with more shops popping up everyday. Still caught up with the hustling and bustling of rush hour traffic jams to meet up and do your shopping before the department stores closed? Guess things has gotten a little calmer and easier thanks to modern technology. The arrival of mobile phone, smart phone in particular, and the use of shopping online with your mobile phone has changed our everyday life and opened the doors for both local and International online marketing service activities such as online retailing, online games, online dating, online jobs, to name a few. However, while doing your normal daily routines in your home, office or even stuck in traffic, you can just use your mobile device and purchase any product online both locally and internationally and have them delivered at your door step, or by mail. Discover also how to get more freebies and giveaways from brand manufacturers.

Apparently, some people are not comfortable walking and pushing shopping carts around for hours, hence do their local shopping from the comfort of their home using mobile phone. Though its cool to hand around the malls and enjoy the free air-condition and do some window shopping and in rare occasions meet super sale of different discounted goods, or even meet an old friend, class mate or just make new friends.

At the same time, online shopping has it’s own merits and demerits in different dimensions though it depends on individual opinion. Here are some merits and demerits or rather advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Judge by your self and you can share your opinion.

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Merits Of Online Shopping

1. It does not require any real market place or traditional sidewalk stalls where products are displayed, bought and sold at a profit. The whole transaction starts and ends online without buyer or seller meeting each other face to face.

2. It brings together manufacturers, buyers and sellers to interact with each other through websites, affiliate programs, emails, phone calls among others.

3. Online shopping has become more popular than ever as it has given a much needed solution to the time limitation problems posed by today’s hectic life and traffic congestion especially in big cities.

4. One best thing is that you will receive the product delivered at your door step by the free home delivery offer by the online sellers.

5. Most of these online shopping sites are equipped with many unique features such as product return policies just for the benefit of the online shoppers. Some sellers offer money back guarantee policies to convince buyers.

6. The products are listed under categories with their images, qualities, manufacturers and price tags so that the buyers can get the desired product at a relatively comparative price.

7. Buyers have also the option of choosing from a wide range of similar products, compare their qualities, prices and delivery terms before adding into their shopping carts.

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Demerits Of Online Shopping

1. Some advertisements are not and does not reflect what they say. Because online shopping does not require any real market place or traditional sidewalk stalls where products are displayed, bought and sold, some sellers sometimes take advantage of not meeting the buyer in person and send fake or expired products and pretend not to know, and when caught, assumed it was a typographic error or mistake.

2. Sellers and buyers interaction through websites, affiliate programs and emails some times does not tell a true position or standard a company claims to be online. Several sellers claim to have in stock best quality products only to smooth talk buyers into believing and trusting to place big orders.

3. Though online sellers has good returning policies in case of shipping mistakes but sometimes, a wrong product, wrong brand or wrong package are send and delivered and it takes a long time to fix such mistake hence the buyer lost interest in the product and regrets ever making such order online.

4. Even if the products are listed under categories with their images, qualities, manufacturers and price tags, some sellers still mix-up different orders from different buyers and send products to wrong person or to wrong address hence complicate issues.

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Online shopping has come to stay and the trend is expanding so rapidly that within few years the traditional sidewalk stalls, and even some small department stores or malls might vanish completely as people only tend to place order and buy their groceries and other needs online.

Though there are many disadvantages of online shopping but, the advantages are too great and well appreciated as it has improved our lives tremendously, and has changed the way shopping are done locally and internationally.

The use of mobile phone and social media has made online shopping much easier and faster. With your smart phone, you can now place order and purchase any product from anywhere in the world and before you know it, the product is delivered at your door step or by mail.

Other Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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If you love online shopping or one of those enthusiast, there are still many merits and demerits of shopping online, we only share very few due to limited space available. You can experience the ideas when next you get down to the malls or department stores as it’s called in many countries.

Feel free to share your ideas to the world so that millions of people out there who are still not convinced and does not trust shopping online will gain more insight to try something different and join the evolution of online shopping.